Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fergus The Farmyard Dog- Tony Maddox

It is very important to instil a love for books in children from a young age. Story telling not only relaxes children after a hectic day in the classroom but it also develops their language and listening skills.
Today we will be tackling a book that children love since it involves a lot of farm animals and their sounds. Therefore the objective for this story would be learning animal sounds.
Seat the children comfortably on cushions on the floor so as to avoid the usual routine of sitting round a table. Once they are settled, show them the book cover and introduce the main character of the story. Describe Fergus and let the children discuss if they have anything to say. Start reading the story slowly showing the pictures to the children.As we see the farm animals ask them about the various sounds they make so they become more familair to children who still don't know them. Once the story is finished ask questions about the story and ask them if they have ever seen any farm animals themselves. Let them discuss between themselves so as to improve their social skills. Introduce a rhyme as a follow up to the story which includes all farm animal sounds.
I went to visit a farm one day
And saw a duck across the way!
What do u think I heard it say ?
Quack Quack Quack !